About the Firm

Griggs Law Office LLC is a law firm dedicated to providing bond counsel services to Wisconsin local units of government. The Firm serves governmental entities throughout the state including cities, villages, towns, counties, school districts, technical colleges and special districts on their long-term and short-term financing requirements for capital programs and cash flow purposes.

Tom Griggs, the founding member of Griggs Law Office LLC, has focused his practice on providing bond counsel services to local units of government from the beginning of his law practice in 1980. He will be assisted by his paralegal, Shirley Huntemann, who has over two decades of experience as a paralegal which includes work on public finance transactions since 2001.

Griggs Law Office LLC prides itself on its efficiency, productivity and ability to provide its clients with high quality, cost effective legal services in a timely manner consistent with the specific needs of each client. The professionals at the Firm recognize the importance and are committed to providing personal and immediate attention to all client inquiries and requests.

Griggs Law Office LLC is a nationally recognized bond counsel firm by virtue of its listing in the Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace directory of municipal finance attorneys.